Get To Know YC
The youngest of three, YUNG Citizen grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina. At an early age, Citizen was influenced musically by many R&B artists but the strongest was from the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. After graduating from First Assembly High School in Concord, NC, he headed to Catawba College in Salisbury, NC to play football.  After two seasons it became apparent that football was taking its toll on his music so he left the football field and focused on his dream. During his junior and senior years, Citizen devoted countless hours to creating and developing music in his dorm room and the campus recording studio. Students began to notice his music and raved about his talent as he performed on campus and at local establishments in Salisbury.
While at Catawba, Citizen established an R&B vernaculars program and performance group known as Ur’bnSol.  He managed, rehearsed and directed their performances during his junior and senior years.  Through this creation, he established his legacy at the school and he will be forever grateful to his department chair, Dr. David Fish for believing in his talent and vision. During the summer of his junior year, Citizen secured a summer internship at JAMBOX Entertainment and Recording Studio in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. The experience was invaluable for improving his music production skills.  Shout outs to Lee Evans, Cathy Palmisano, and the team who took him under their wings and provided training on music production and the finer aspects of music and business marketing.