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Since graduation, Citizen has been creating music for local artists and others.  Asked about the inspiration for the music, he confides, “I tend to find myself deeply concerned and consumed with the social issues of the world, continually thinking about ways in which I can be a vehicle for change.  Music is who and what I am so I have chosen to use my music and lyrics as the vehicle to reach the minds of many.  The music is meant to be uplifting and inspirational, to move people to a new consciousness”.
His third EP, “Soul Searching”, was released in 2015.  The first single from this project, “Power People” as released in early 2015 and has done very well on the internet radio network.  Other music on the project, Soul Searching, Take Off, and Didn’t Know are all smooth rhythmic tracks that showcase Citizen’s collaboration with a few local producers.  On this project Citizen introduces an exciting new voice to the game known as N’Chanted.  You will hear her on all background vocals and hooks.  Citizen will be producing and releasing her first EP mid-year 2016.  Trust me, you don’t want to sleep on her.
With the 2014 release of his second EP “Social Conscience”, Citizen comes on strong with the release of the popular single, Jango, accompanied by the debut video. Jango unleashes an up-tempo, club-ready tune while lyrically hitting the mark with the poignant message to never doubt your dreams. The additional tracks Nu Levels, X-Factor, and America further utilize crisp melodic tracks to speak truth to power.  Click on the Video page and take a listen.
A fourth EP, self-titled “Yung Citizen”, is scheduled for release April 2016.  The new music will demonstrate the breath of Citizen’s talent as an artist and producer.  Citizen’s performance on Bruised Generation is one you will be pleased with.  The project will also feature the contributions of two new artists that you will certainly be hearing more of.  Nick Johnson is featured on Years2Life.  Another local artist, Celeste is featured on My High.

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