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Yung Citizen produced and released a collaborative projected titled “ALIVE Sessions with Yung Citizen.” The music features the talents of six (6) also very hungry artists from Charlotte, North Carolina. Each bought into the vision established by Citizen of promoting the talent in Charlotte and committed themselves to making beautiful music.

  1. CMG Anthem Yung Citizen 4:42
  2. Cipher Yung Citizen 4:51


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Soul Searchin’

  1. Bingo Yung Citizen Buy 3:38
  2. Didn't Know Yung Citizen Buy 2:58
  3. Power People Yung Citizen Buy 4:16
  4. Soul Searchin' Yung Citizen Buy 2:52
  5. Take Off Yung Citizen Buy 4:01


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His third EP, “Soul Searching”, was released in 2015. The first single from this project, “Power People” as released in early 2015. Other music on the project, Soul Searching, Take Off, and Didn’t Know, are all smooth rhythmic tracks that showcase Citizen’s collaboration with a few local producers.
yung-citizen-social-conscience 2014 saw the release of his second EP “Social Conscience.” YUNG Citizen gained much acclaim for a strong release, with the popular single, “Jango.” Jango unleashes an up-tempo, club-ready tune while lyrically hitting the mark with the poignant message to never doubt your dreams. The additional tracks Nu Levels, X-Factor, and America further utilize crisp melodic tracks to speak truth to power.
yung-citizen-bruised-generation-artwork A fourth EP, self-titled “Yung Citizen”, was released in April 2016.  The new music demonstrated the breath of Citizen’s talent, as an artist and producer. YUNG Citizen’s performance on “Bruised Generation” is one you to experience.  The project features the contributions of various artists, including Nick Johnson, who is featured on the record “Years2Life.”  Fellow local artist, Celeste Moonchild is also featured on the single “My High.”